More or Less in MS Excel

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Not everyone who uses MS Excel is a 'Power User'. Everyone has to start someplace, though, and sometimes all those icons on the toolbar are a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you will find that you have been using MS Excel for months and it has never occurred to you to see what those icons do so I am going to tell you about a couple today that can prove to be very, very useful to you.

Follow along with the steps below:

  1. Launch MS Excel if it is not already open.
  2. Look at your Formatting toolbar.
  3. In MS Excel 2007, look on the Home ribbon.
  4. Find the button with the zeros and arrows.
  5. The button on the left will add decimal places to numbers in highlighted cells.
  6. The button on the right will reduce the number of decimal places in highlighted cells.

You may notice that as you decrease decimal places, the value displayed in the cell is rounded. Be not afraid though; if you glance at the Formula bar you will see that Excel still has the exact value stored in its memory.

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