Printing Multiple Envelopes in MS Word

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A reader recently wrote to me and asked me how to print multiple envelopes at one time. What he wanted to do was print a dozen or so envelopes with his return address on them so he would have them on hand.

Good question! Follow the steps below to learn the answer:

  1. In MS Word, click on Letters and Envelopes (or click on the envelope icon on your toolbar).
  2. In the Tools menu, select Envelopes and Labels.
  3. Make certain that you are on the Envelopes tab.
  4. You will notice that there are some options that will allow you to choose Delivery Address, Return Address and Delivery Point Barcode (which I wouldn't advise using).
  5. There is another option that is not readily visible and that is the option to print more than one envelope.
  6. Key in your Return Address.
  7. Before you click Print, click on the Add to Document button.
  8. Now your envelope will be at the top of your document.
  9. Click on Print from the File menu (or use CTRL + P).
  10. Under Page Range, select Pages and in that area enter the number 1.
  11. In the Copies area, enter the number of envelopes you wish to print.
  12. Click OK.

That's all there is to it, plain and simple. Now you have a stack of envelopes all ready to use for paying your bills or sending greeting cards!

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