Cool New Shortcuts in MS Word

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As you may have noticed, I do tend to try and save time and keystrokes most of the time and in that pursuit I am always looking for keyboard shortcuts to use. I have found a couple that I think are very useful and very cool and I am going to share them with you. Your fingers will move so quickly that folks will never guess what you did to get the results that takes them a lot more time!

Suppose you have created a list in your MS Word document but it is very long and about three quarters of the way through it you decide that you really should have placed some of the items near the beginning. Obviously you can cut and paste the items -- that's nothing new. But how about doing this instead?

  • Simply place your cursor anywhere in the line you want to move. It isn't necessary to highlight the entire thing.
  • Hold down Shift + ALT and use your Arrow keys to more the item up or down.

But don't just keep this cool trick for lists, you can move entire paragraphs in the same manner! How cool is that??

If you hold down the Shift + Alt keys and use the Right or Left Arrow keys instead of Up and Down, your text will cycle through the different formatting styles. Very cool - no?

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