Introducing the 'Virtual Luggage Tag' For Your USB Drive

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It's a small world after all.  The more advanced technology gets, the tinier it becomes. But, is it all good news?

As major technology-based companies continue to play a game of "can-you-top-this" with one another, it seems as if the only way to stay ahead of the pack is to offer a product that stores the largest amount of data on the smallest device possible. The best example of this phenomenon is the surge in popularity of the USB drive. A simple memory stick no longer than 4x1 inches has replaced the bulky floppy disks of yesteryear.

Now pardon the pun, but many are overlooking one "small" detail when marveling over these compact innovations...smaller devices are considerably easier to lose than bulkier ones.

Tim Fehlman (information technology worker by day, blogger by night) has created a system to take the worry away from losing those small little wonders.

Think of it as a virtual luggage tag for your USB drive.

If you download Fehlman's application, lose your USB drive and a kind stranger finds it, they can simply plug it into any Windows-based computer and see a special icon that can be pre-programmed to read "I'm Lost" or "Help. Help. HELP!" Clicking this icon will enable a pop up screen to appear filled with important contact information. (Source:

An avid reader of Fehlman's blog saw the new product being advertised and decided to download the application. This person customized the program to reveal the name of his 3-year-old son, his favorite treat and a parent's cell phone number.

At a recent trip to Disneyland, this individual looped the USB drive around his son's neck as a safety precaution. As chance would have it, he did lose his son in less than 3 hours at the crowded park. While he was in the midst of a panic attack, his cell phone rang informing him that a Disneyland security officer had recovered the child and would soon reunite the father and son at a specified location all thanks to the icon found on the USB. (Source:

The best part of the application is that it is absolutely free to download simply by visiting The future may be small, but thanks to Fehlman's program, a little less worrisome as well.

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