Start-Up Company Turns Everyday People Into LIVE TV Stars

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Have you ever wanted to star in your very own television show? Thanks to the rising popularity of YouTube, it seems as if everyone has their own online show, complete with all the copying, deleting and editing that goes into production. But, have you ever wanted to star in your very own LIVE television show? Complete with no script, no rules, absolutely LIVE as it happens? If you own a cell phone, get ready for your close-up!

It's inevitable now; every mobile phone will soon have a cellular video camera installed in it. While still in its infancy stage,, a small start-up company based in Silicon Valley, has created a system that allows users to send live video feeds directly from their Nokia phones onto the web. When the broadcast is over, the clip is automatically saved for repeat viewings on-demand. (Source:

Many people all over the U.S. have already started going live over the Internet. The benefit of throwing the online factor into the live broadcast is that viewers at home can interact with the "star of the show" through Qik's special chat feature.

For one online show, previous "episodes" have included anything from high-speed car chases to loitering around the mall. Oh, and did I mention that an average of 100 people tuned in to watch these shows live? Scary!

A cell phone able to record videos might seem like any other device at first glance, but the major selling point for the service is that coupling a video phone with the web makes showing, sharing and storing video an effortless task.

If everyone has this feature available on their phone, the future is going to be closely watched. Accelerate a little too much on the freeway and the car behind you could send a live video feed to the local police station. (Source:

At least someone will have a camera on stand by ready to catch every social ill live as it happens.

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