Web Fraudsters Getting More Buck for the Bang

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Think the web is getting any safer? According to some numbers, it just might be. Unfortunately, though the number of cyber fraud cases in the United States appears to have dropped since last year, the total dollar loss has actually increased, to a frightening $239 million.

The numbers have been made available thanks to a recent Federal Bureau of Investigation annual report, which revealed that although the number of complains went down (to 207,000 from 207,500 in 2006 and 231,000 in 2005) the total hit to our wallets went up over $40 million from 2006.

FBI special agent John Hambrick attributed the quality-over-quantity change to new hacking tactics. "We're seeing more schemes involving bigger ticket items, get-rich-quick and work-at- home schemes, which involve higher dollar losses," he said.

The solution is continued vigilance. "I'm optimistic that people are starting to catch on to some of these scams and we will continue to try to educate them to the dangers of Internet fraud," Hambrick noted. (Source: thetimes.co.za)

The FBI's report helps consumers figure out where the dangers lie. Most fraud schemes were executed via spam email, with heists of this kind making up 75% of the total.

Also problematic: online auction fraud and the non-delivery of goods. An idea: know your seller, know thy enemy. (Source: go.com)

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