Alphabetizing in MS Word

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Have you ever created a list in MS Word and when you were finished -- you decided you would like to have that list alphabetized?

Yeah, I thought so. to do it?

Well you could copy and paste or use arrows to move things up and down but that seems like a lot of effort to me.

Luckily, MS Word can do the heavy lifting for you!

Follow the steps below to learn how:Highlight the text to be alphabetized.   If you are using MS Word 2007, you will need to click the Sort button found in the Paragraph section on the Home ribbon.   If you're using an older version of MS Word, you will need to select the Sort choice from the Table menu.   When the Sort Text dialogue window appears it should be set to sort paragraphs in ascending order. If not, change it now.   Click OK.

Bingo! Your text is now sorted.

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