Retailers Toss HD-DVD Buyers Some Change

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One of the most painful tech losses in the last year came to HD-DVD owners, the faithful few who purchased Toshiba or Microsoft hardware hoping the high-def evolution would at some point steer in their direction. Now, those folks can wipe their tears and get a few bucks for their trouble.

For those HD-DVD owners who still haven't heard, you can expect the number of movies shipping for the format to completely cease soon. Toshiba gave up the ghost months ago, after major studios and retailers announced they were finally ready to back Blu-ray, which despite its higher cost sold both more movies and players.

Given that they played a crucial role in selling the deceased hardware, retailers are giving back to the HD-DVD community by offering refunds and gift cards. Wal-Mart is promising full refunds for players purchased after November 1st, while Best Buy is tossing $50 to buyers who made their purchase before November 23. Best Buy is also making the offer to those who bought the cheaper Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on.

Before consumers get frazzled that Best Buy would turn around and offer $50 for a player that cost $300 or more, it appears the big box retailer is willing to let buyers keep their doomed hardware. (Source:

Best Buy is also offering full exchanges, but they don't amount to much. In fact, a Toshiba HD XA2, which once net the retailer $1,000, can be tossed back for about $150. Best Buy will also take those cute little red HD-DVD flicks...for about $2.70. (Source:

My advice? Keep the damn player and the movies. In ten years they'll make for great party favours. Hey, that's my only consolation for having bought one.

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