Converting Records and Cassettes to CD

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To me, Christmas time means reminiscing with great holiday songs from the past. Each year I visit my folks, it's customary to hear the sweet melodies of Bing Crosby played on the record player.

For some, the static and the pops heard while a record plays are part of the nostalgia. However, the truth is that over time, records and cassette tapes deteriorate and the quality of sound diminishes.

Dealing with Digital Media on a regular basis, quite often I'm asked how to convert records and cassettes to a more versatile format. Converting old records and cassettes to digital formats is a labor of love for me, which is why I wrote an eBook entitled, "Converting Vinyl LPs to CD."

In short, the eBook teaches you how to:

  • Produce great sounding recordings with freeware and payware solutions, including Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Pyro, Sound Forge, Cool Edit 2000, Plus! Analog Recorder, and Audacity.
  • Connect a record player or cassette deck to your computer
  • Configure your sound card for the best audio settings
  • Eliminate tape hiss from cassette recordings
  • Remove clicks and pops from recordings of LPs
  • Save audio files in a variety of digital formats
  • And finally, burn your new recordings to CD

Converting Vinyl LPs to CD: Hardware requirements

Recording your cassettes and records doesn't require special equipment. The guide shows you how to connect your home stereo equipment to your computer's sound card, with nothing more than a single cable.

Freeware vs. Payware Solutions

For users who only use free software, I include instructions on a program called Audacity. Audacity is full of features found in similar payware solutions, and delivers great performance. Unfortunately, Audacity won't remove the clicks and pops from recordings of old LPs and tape hiss from recordings of cassettes. For the best all-in-one solution, I recommend Cakewalk Pyro because it is easy to use and includes outstanding noise reduction tools. And, at $29.00, the price tag for Pyro is a steal.


Many older recordings have never been re-released on CD. Books-on-tape frequently go out of print, leaving cassette audio tapes as the only available format. Re-purchasing recordings each time technology changes is cost-prohibitive for most people.

If you own rare recordings or if you don't want to spend the money to repurchase albums you already own in a different format, "Converting Vinyl LPs to CD" will provide you with the roadmap to get from analog to digital in simple steps.

Converting Vinyl LPs to CD: Download now

Jake's eBook is downloadable and costs only $17.00. Fifty percent of the proceeds from Jake's guide will go directly to funding the infopackets web site. You can purchase the "Converting Vinyl LPs to CD" guide using the link below:

On a related note, Jake also has an eBook which explains how to convert VHS and Camcorder to DVD. Details here:

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