Control Electronic Devices from a Single Computer

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Microsoft has joined the revolution, creating their own version of a data storage and web software system called "Live Mesh". Microsoft aims to further blur the distinction between software running on the Windows operating system and a number of other services that will be offered to all sorts of present and future electronic devices.

Located through a web browser, Live Mesh will not be so much an online operating system as it will be a control page for document files. What is unique about the documents stored on Live Mesh is that they will have no specific location, allowing them to be sent and opened on any electronic device. (Source:

Think of the possibilities: a man working at his computer desk loses track of time and is late for supper. He can soften the mood of his waiting wife by accessing the Live Mesh page from his office and setting the Xbox system at home to play their favorite song.

Microsoft revealed a total of 15 new components that will be offered through Live Mesh. They include a news feature, information window and other notification services.

The down side to the product: it only offers a pair of user-oriented applications. The first application allows users to synchronize select files on a number of computers. The second application is the new file-controlling option called "Live Mesh Remote Desktop".

The introduction of Live Mesh means that Microsoft has finally entered the "cloud computing" market. The term refers to the movement of software applications and services away from computers and into centralized data centers. These applications are then made available exclusively online. (Source:

Analysts believe that cloud computing data centers will soon have the final say in how all future data files are stored and shared.

Live Mesh further proves that in the future, no single device will dominate the electronic world. This means that no matter what device you have in your pocket, the technology running it will soon be all the same.

The future is looking very bright for consumers once again.

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