Rogers Brings iPhone to Canada

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The iPhone is headed to Canada. Rogers, one of the country's largest wireless carriers, announced on Tuesday that it would be rolling out the popular Apple device in the near future. (Source:

"We're thrilled to announce that we have a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to Canada," said company president Ted Rogers in a statement. "We can't tell you any more about it right now, but stay tuned." (Source:

The fact that Rogers will be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone came as no surprise, since it is the only major Canadian network compatible with Apple's device. However, the announcement's lack of details has caused some to wonder how the company will structure its iPhone plans. (Source:

Part of the iPhone's enormous success in Europe and the United States has been its smart phone capabilities. YouTube, Google Maps, and a full version of Apple's Safari web browser (meaning the iPhone is not confined to mini-sites designed for mobile users) have been wowing critics and consumers since a 2007 launch.

Problem is, Rogers typically prices its data plans at rates that would make the iPhone far too expensive for the average user. In addition, Rogers does not favor the unlimited usage plans that are offered in the U.S. Earlier this year, Rob Bruce, president of Rogers' wireless division, said that Rogers does not favor unlimited plans, meaning they will probably offer a virtually unlimited plan instead, somewhere around 5 GB per month. This was one of the reasons why many suspected Apple and Rogers were finding it difficult to agree on terms acceptable to both companies. (Source:

Rogers would not say when the iPhone would hit shelves. But if, as many Apple watchers expect, the heralded 3G version of Apple's wireless device is released in June, Rogers may use the wireless device to introduce its own 3G network this summer.

However, if Rogers cannot support the device with reasonable pricing the company may cause consumers to search out 'unlocked' iPhones for use on any network.

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