Getting Closure in MS Outlook

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I am sure that a lot of my readers have no idea what the lowly F4 key will do for them in MS Outlook. So I feel the need to educate you as to what this little key can actually do for you.

I think you will see that it is quite a little performer!

Try the two features below and you will become a believer:CTRL + F4 will close a file.   ALT + F4 will close the program.

Perhaps some of you have, in the past, tried CTRL + F4 when you h ad an email or appointment open and alas and alack -- nothing happened.

In MS Outlook, you use ALT + F4 to close a currently open item.

It will not close the entire program, but it will close the message, calendar item, note, task, or contact that you currently have open.

If you press ALT + F4 once more, MS Outlook will close completely.

So, to review, the trick is, ALT + F4 to close an item currently open in MS Outlook and ALT + F4 twice to achieve complete closure.

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