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If you use the Find feature in MS Word, you know how very helpful it can be, but if you keep trying to find the same word or phrase multiple times, you most likely have found, as I have, that the Find window sometimes is in your way and you have to move it to get a good look.

A lot of folks that I have spoken to about this have said that they find it much easier to just leave that Find window open and hitting Find Next rather than to keep opening the window.

That is true, but there is an easier solution that you can use!

Follow the steps below:Click on Edit | Find (or use the quick key combination CTRL + F).   Once MS Word locates the text you are seeking the first time, click on Cancel.

Now you may be wondering what the heck kind of solution is this? Be patient, I'm not finished.

Take a look at your vertical scroll bar and note the series of buttons located there.Usually, those up and down arrows are black, but once you click the Cancel button, note that the color has now changed to blue. This is MS Word's way of telling you that it can still continue to look for your text for you.   The blue up arrow will find the next occurrence of the text above your current location and the blue down arrow will find the next occurrence of the text below your current location.

You can now carry on searching for your string of text without the pesky Find window.

Turns our this is a pretty helpful solution after all, doesn't it now?

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