Nobody Told me It Was Going to Look Like That!

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Have you ever printed out your presentation with your black and white printer only to be very nonplussed about the way it looks?

Your beautiful color slides that took you so long to get to perfection now look very blah and nobody warned you about that!

Well take heart, there is a quick and easy way to view exactly how your slides will look when you print them, thereby saving time and ink by previewing them.

To preview your MS PowerPoint presentation in gray scale, follow the steps below:

  • Click on View | Color/Grayscale.  
  • Select Grayscale.  
  • Your presentation will immediately change to grayscale and the toolbar will open for you.

There are only two settings on the toolbar, which are Setting and Close Grayscale View.

The Setting drop-down arrow opens a sub-menu of choices allowing you to select how MS PowerPoint will handle the grayscale option on the screen and when you print. You can use this button for individual objects or the slide background very easily by selecting an element in the slide before choosing.

If you elect to return to the color view, simply click the Close Grayscale View button.

Now that you have made your choices, when you click on File | Print, select grayscale there and MS PowerPoint will have remembered your selections.

You now have a printed presentation that will look exactly the way you planned it. No more unpleasant surprises!

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