Cool MS Excel Tips

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Were you aware that you can color the tabs in your MS Excel spreadsheets? Well you can and it can be pretty helpful too when you are trying to draw a user's attention to those little tabs at the bottom of your spreadsheet!

Follow the steps below:

  • Right-click the tab.  
  • Select Tab Color.  
  • Select the color you would like to use.

Here is another pretty nifty tip that you can use in MS Excel -- have you ever had occasion to want to hide the contents of a cell from a reader that is not privy to certain information? Of course you have! Haven't we all? The good news is that you can and it is pretty easy to do.

Follow the steps below:

  • Select the cell in your spreadsheet.  
  • Click on Format | Cells.  
  • Click on Category | Custom.  
  • Enter three semicolons in the Type box.  
  • Click OK.

Those values will not be visible on-screen unless you highlight that cell. If you should highlight that cell, you will still be able to view the values on the formula bar, but not on-screen.

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