Hyperlinks that Open in a New Window

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Using hyperlinks makes it much easier for readers to quickly visit a Web page without abandoning their MS Word document. Can you imagine how much easier still it could be if the Web page opens in an entirely new window?

Follow the steps below to learn how to make this happen:

  • Click anywhere in your document where you would like to insert a hyperlink to a Web page.    
  • Click CTRL + F9.  
  • Key in the code below:   HYPERLINK"http://www.microsoft.com" no "Thisi Web Page will open in a new window."  
  • Select the Field code.  
  • Click in the code.  
  • Click F9.

Using the F9 function key will convert the code to a hyperlink to the Web address.

When the user hovers the mouse over it, the hyperlink is displayed in the document with a screen tip.

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