Tabbed browser: browse multiple web sites at once

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Infopackets Reader Charlotte R. writes:

" How can I get individual browser windows to open on top of each other without wiping out the previous web site I was visiting? "

My response:

If you are browsing the web using Internet Explorer and would like to open a new browser window, you can: a) Click File -> New -> Window. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + N on the keyboard to open a new Window; and b) You can also open a new window by launching Internet Explorer from the Desktop.

Side note: If you have a PopUp Stopper installed on your system, you may need to temporarily disable it, as it may prevent additional browser windows from opening.

Charlotte wrote back again:

" I am very sorry for the misunderstanding regarding the previous email. What I meant to ask was, how is it possible to browse multiple web sites at once -- without opening up multiple browser windows? "

My response:

It sounds like you're referring to something called a Tabbed browser. A tabbed browser is the 'next generation' in web browsing and allows you to flip through multiple web sites at once by utilizing "tabs" at the top or bottom of the browser. I searched Google for some freeware goodies and found three popular picks (in no particular order):

Mozilla: An excellent alternative to Internet Explorer or Netscape (built on the same browsing engine as Netscape) (freeware). AvantBrowser: Is a "plug in" for Internet Explorer which does tabbed browsing. Includes a 'flash animation blocker' which blocks out pesky web site advertisements (freeware). MyIE2: Looks identical to Internet Explorer but offers tabbed browsing and a few more options (freeware).

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