Scan Your Shopping List in the Kitchen, Pick up Your Groceries at the Front Door

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A new product is set to debut on the market, hoping to alleviate the hassle of having to write a weekly grocery list, while eliminating procrastination and forgetfulness!

Meet the Ikan, a round barcode scanner designed for home use. The device boasts a small color screen on the front, a laser scanner underneath and a WiFi antenna inside that connects to virtually any wireless network.

How does it work?

When you are about to throw away an empty container, simply swipe the barcode of the item underneath the scanner and wait for a beep. The Ikan will consult its online database (containing millions of products) and within seconds, the correct name, size and brand of the product will be displayed on the screen. (Source:

Now you can toss out the container knowing that its replacement has been added to your virtual shopping list.

After a few days, you can review the shopping list at and, if all products are in order, simply click the designated button and the entire list will be packaged and delivered to your front door at a time you specify.

Those who use the Ikan cannot believe how much time it saves. All you have to do is approve the online list and someone else will handle the heavy bags, beat the traffic and pay for gas.

Then there are the environmental benefits of using the Ikan.

A green recycle logo will appear on the Ikan screen whenever a recyclable item is scanned, followed by a suggestion not to throw the item away. Also, reducing the number of cars on the road by consolidating the grocery lists of other Ikan users and using only one truck for delivery is another way that the device encourages consumers to "think green". (Source:

The device currently sells for $400 on; a small price to pay when you consider the benefits of using this product on a regular basis.

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