Problems with Borders and Shading in MS Word?

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A subscriber wrote to me complaining that his page border in his Word document seemed to disappear at the bottom of his printed document. He said he tried everything but just couldn't get the bottom of that border to show when he printed his document. He changed the margins, narrowed the border, etc. and still his border didn't appear when he printed his document!

Needless to say he was quite perplexed and more than a bit frustrated. I am happy to say that I was able to resolve his border dilemma.

Follow along below:

  • I told my subscriber to take another look at the page border tab and see what we could do to rectify the situation. Once you have made your selections, do not click OK, but rather: 
  • Notice the Options button on the lower right side.   Click it.  
  • When the Options dialog box opens, you will be looking for the Measure from field in the top section.   Use the drop-down arrow to select Text.  
  • The margin numbers in the fields above will then change. Those numbers represent the amount of space from the text area of your page to the page border.   Play around with those settings to determine what is best for your document.  
  • Click OK to exit Options.  
  • Click OK again to exit Page Borders.  

Once you are back in your document, you can see the borders you have set and you should see that with the page border moved in closer to your text, your disappearing bottom border has been resolved!

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