Windows XP Deadline Approaches: June 30

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June 30, 2008 is the day Microsoft is slated to discontinue Windows XP to make way for a new era in operating systems -- start bars will give way to wonky buttons and a refreshed design, stable operation will give way to frequent crashing, and XP will die at the hands of a misguided killer: Microsoft. (Source:

While Microsoft will have you believe Vista isn't so bad and it's the next successor to Windows XP, it's really not. Many feel that Vista is an over-bloated mess of code that features too many overzealous security prompts thanks to the 'security' feature known as User Access Control, full of inherent instability that causes frequent crashes.

Originally touted as being more secure than Windows XP, Vista has proven (for the most part) to be just as vulnerable. Windows XP computers running Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) appear to be more secure than computers running Windows Vista. By adding Vista's enhanced security features to Windows XP -- which works with every piece of hardware and and a lot more software on the market -- Windows XP SP3 solidified XP's viability, making it a better choice at a much lower price.

Users purchasing new computers with Windows Vista Business or Ultimate have the option of 'downgrading' to Windows XP. Unfortunately, the bulk of users purchasing new computers will be stuck with Windows Vista Home Premium so they won't have the opportunity to 'downgrade.' Dell, Lenovo, Intel and several others have come out in support of Windows XP.

Microsoft is also focusing on Windows 7, Vista's successor, which really doesn't say much for Windows Vista. Microsoft may be making the same mistake with Windows 7 that they made with Windows Vista since they've claimed Windows 7 will be just like Windows Vista.

Windows XP isn't dead yet and since the general business and public perception of Windows Vista isn't good, Microsoft may be forced to keep Windows XP for a while longer. Some say Windows Vista is so bad, Microsoft can't even get people to steal it. Forcing companies and consumers to buy "pre-downgraded" PCs is nonsense, and bad business. If Microsoft is smart they'll keep running Windows XP. Discontinuing XP will probably end up causing more people to turn to Apple or Linux, and Microsoft may end up causing itself more harm than good.

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