A Sprinkler System That Checks the Weather before It Goes to Work

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In the pursuit of keeping a neat household, many of us create and abide by a list of daily chores. One task that has long disappeared from the dreaded chore list is watering the lawn, being replaced with the much more convenient automated sprinkler system.

However, a movement towards water conservation is now challenging the use of automated sprinkler systems, with their main argument being that some sprinkler systems remain active just after (and sometimes during) rainfall.

A Los Angeles company has revealed a new device that will allow users to keep their automated sprinkler systems while still conserving water.

The Cyber-Rain XCI attaches to most sprinkler system models and wirelessly consults an online weather database to determine how much water will be needed. (Source: engadget.com)

The Cyber-Rain pumps out more water on humid days, less water on cloudy days, and no water at all on rainy days. Since the device performs using the Internet, users can control the schedule and monitor the water flow online.

Analysts have reported that an astounding 70 percent of household water consumption comes from outdoor watering. This figure includes water used in pools, gardens and sprinklers. However, other studies show that weather-based irrigation devices like the Cyber-Rain XCI can save households an estimated 40 gallons of water each day, skimming roughly 10% off their total water consumption. (Source: latimes.com)

The Cyber-Rain retails for around $349 dollars and can be purchased exclusively online by visiting www.cyber-rain.com.

Those living in designated areas throughout California can consult the website to search for discount information and apply for rebates. Those living in other areas throughout North America should also check out the website to learn other ways to conserve water in their daily lives.

While the initial cost may be a little steep for some consumers, the makers of Cyber-Rain XCI would like to remind everyone that the device will eventually pay for itself by shaving a few bucks off the water bill every month. Translation: both your wallet and lawn are likely to get a bit greener with the product.

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