Have Trouble Formulating Excel Functions?

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If you find that you have difficulty when trying to formulate a function in MS Excel, you are not alone. A lot of folks fall into this trap; you can sometimes feel as if you are in a maze when you start to figure out which arguments are necessary to formulate your functions and it can be mind-bending at times.

There is a way to demystify this for you and help you along so that you can actually see the arguments necessary to complete your function.

Follow the steps below to learn more:As an example, if you are using the PMT function to calculate a loan payment:

  • Start your function as you normally would with the equal sign and the function name PMT.  
  • Once you have done that, click CTRL + A.  
  • You will then see the required arguments listed.   All you need do now is substitute each one with the required data or cell reference.
  • You can also use the Function Wizard instead by starting your function and clicking on CTRL + A. This will start the Wizard in the dialog window, bypassing the search for a function from a list.

In the latest version of Excel, 2007, you will find that the arguments are automatically displayed just below the cell once you key in the parenthesis.

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