Paragraph Shading in MS Word 2007

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You can put color behind your text in a word document -- not just highlight it, but add color to the entire paragraph! It is fairly straightforward to do in Microsoft Word 2007.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  • Launch MS Word 2007 if it is not already open.  
  • Key in the text to your document.  
  • In the Home tab on the Ribbon, in the Paragraph group, you will see a button that looks like can of paint. This is the Shading button.  
  • Click on the down arrow and on the resulting menu you will see a palette of colors that you can choose from to shade your paragraph.  
  • Select your color of your choosing.  
  • You get a live preview, as you roll your mouse over all the colors that you are considering.  
  • Click on the one that suits best suits your need!

It doesn't get much easier that that does it?

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