Limit What is Shown in the Formula Bar in MS Excel

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In Excel 2007 you now have the ability to prevent the Formula bar from displaying more than one line of text. In this way, the worksheet is not obscured by the Formula bar when a cell with a large amount of content is selected.

One of my subscribers wrote to me inquiring if this was an option in Excel 2003 or earlier version. I hated to tell him, but the answer is no. This feature is new in Excel 2007 and there is no equivalent of it in earlier versions.

  • What folks did in the past, in earlier versions, was turn off the display of the Formula bar completely by clicking View | Formula Bar.
  • Alternatively, some folks inserted a blank "dummy row" at the top of their worksheet that they didn't mind being overwritten with the expanding Formula bar.

I am sorry that I cannot give you a better way to accomplish but thank goodness we now have version 2007 eh?

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