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I'm a frustrated musician at heart, only because playing music doesn't come naturally to me. In fact, I'm a poor piano player and a pathetic guitarist -- but I love it all just the same.

Finding sheet music for songs is always a challenge, especially for someone of my skill level. When I discovered MidiNotate, it solved the sheet music problem and gave me the extra push I needed to play better.

What is MidiNotate?

In a nutshell, MidiNotate is software designed to convert MIDI and Karaoke files to onscreen or printable sheet music. MidiNotate works by evaluating sound descriptions stored in a MIDI file, and then translates them into music notation.

Side Note: MIDI is an acronym which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and is essentially a gateway used to connect electronic instruments and computers together. Rather than storing the actual audio signal of an instrument (like an MP3 or WAV file does), MIDI files store digital descriptions of sounds, which allows any MIDI-capable device to reproduce the sound.

MidiNotate: Features

Locate and Extract: MidiNotate has a built in Internet search function which helps to locate MIDI files all over the world. With over 100,000 MIDI songs are available online, this search tool makes finding them simple. Once you find the MIDI song you like, MidiNotate can extract portions of the file so that you can choose which instruments get printed.

Print music or Play along: In addition to offering printed versions, MidiNotate will playback MIDI files, allowing the user to watch the music notes as they go by on the screen. Best of all: there's no need to 'turn the pages' -- this makes it much easier to concentrate on playing.

Tempo and Theory: Tempo control features control playback speed when playing along with the onscreen sheets. Chord analysis will display chord names with accompanying song structure, which is a valuable tool for anyone learning music theory.

Karaoke Sing-Along: MidiNotate also has a Karaoke sing-along mode which plays karaoke files. Highlighted words as corresponding notes can be played onscreen.


MidiNotate won't make you a better singer -- but with enough practice, MidiNotate can make you a better musician. And with MidiNotate's built-in search functionality, you'll be able to get hard-to-find sheet music for virtually any song you want to learn.

Whether you sing in church choir, play piano in a smoky bar -- or simply want to learn a few songs to impress the kids -- MidiNotate provides the tools to learn thousands of popular songs. Being able to listen to the music and then play it yourself is an invaluable teaching tool.

MidiNotate: Download

MidiNotate costs $34.95 and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Proceeds from the sale of MidiNotate go toward funding our web site and newsletter.


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