Resize Columns in MS Excel the Quick Way

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I bet you didn't know that you could make MS Excel resize multiple columns in one fell swoop did you? Yes, that's right, you can resize them so that each will accommodate its longest line perfectly.

I am sure that you all know how to fiddle with the width of columns in MS Excel by now. You can go to each column and click your mouse and then drag the column to widen it. But that is the old fashioned way! We are all about saving time and keystrokes right? Darned right we are!

Follow the steps below to learn how to save some time and keystrokes:

  1. Position your mouse at the right-hand column header. You will know when you are in the right spot when your cursor changes to a left-right arrow.
  2. Just double-click in that spot and presto! chango! the column is now just large enough for its widest text.

You can perform this feat with multiple columns as well.

  1. Select a contiguous group of columns by clicking one column header and dragging sideways until they are all selected.
  2. You can also select a non-contiguous group of columns by clicking one column header and then using your CTRL key while clicking the rest of them.
  3. Once you have selected your columns, simply double-click the divider at the right-hand edge of any of your selected columns and they will all automatically adjust to the perfect width.

You can always use the Text Wrapping option too, if you prefer.

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