Advanced Search and Replace in MS Word

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Most of my readers have learned how to use Find and Replace efficiently in MS Word but I am betting that there are a lot of folks who have never used the More feature. I bet some folks have never even clicked on it!

So go ahead, you now have my permission -- click it!

Once you have done that, you will see lots of choices at your disposal which make your job even easier in MS Word!

Suppose you want to find the word 'Smith', but you didn't want to find blacksmith or Aerosmith.

This is where Find 'whole words only' comes into play. If you check that box, it will find only the word 'smith' for you.

Suppose you only want to find the word Smith (capitalized).

That's right, you would use the old More function and check the box that says Match case.

I can see you are getting the hang of this function now, so go ahead and play with it and learn to save more time and keystrokes while you are working in MS Word!

By the way, when you are searching for multiple instances of a word but do not, for one reason or another, want to use the Replace all feature, you can simply tap the Enter key to find each instance of that word.

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