Kosher Products Keep The Jewish Population At The Pulse of Modern Technology

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It has always been assumed that the modern conveniences associated with the tech-revolution are something that everyone can enjoy. However, very rarely are the sacred teachings of some religious groups taken into consideration as technology continues to improve itself.

Often times, people must alter the ways in which they manipulate certain products or refrain from using these products altogether to abide by their religious standards.

Among the most prolific religions to voice their concern over the uses of some modern products is the Jewish faith. Many would be surprised to learn that a number of products exist that are designed to be used in a manner that goes against the teachings of the Torah.

The main concern facing Jewish people and modern technology is the question of light. According to Jewish law, candlelight is a preferred source to light the home in preparation of the Sabbath. In addition, there is a limitation on turning electricity on and off during this period, which poses a tremendous problem when dealing with essentials like activating home security systems. (Source:

Zomat has monopolized the market for kosher gadgets for years, promoting a line of phones and alarm systems that abide by Jewish law. Now a string of new companies are sprouting all at once, to target a consumer market that wishes to enjoy all of the modern conveniences while holding true to their faith.

Kosher Innovations is one of the new businesses looking to find favor with the Jewish population. The company specializes in manufacturing the "Kosher Lamp" which comes with a shade that can be twisted to block out the light, without having to turn off the lamp.

While seemingly a simply addition to the traditional model, Kosher Innovations has sold "tens of thousands" of these lamps to a small, yet powerful group of individuals across the globe.

In recent years, even religious-neutral manufacturers like Whirlpool and Viking have incorporated Sabbath-conscious settings on their ovens and refrigerators. General Electric (GE) introduced a Sabbath mode in 2000, which is now featured on more than 150 ovens and ranges. (Source:

Essentially, these specialized settings turn off designated lighting and electrical systems, while allowing indirect action to keep certain appliances active on holy days.

Analysts are estimating that worldwide sales for kosher products could reach $10 million in the course of one year. Whether actual figures reflect these optimistic predictions remains to be seen.

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