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When I began writing this newsletter back in 2001, there were only a small number of sites geared toward helping new and intermediate Windows users. That's why I was grateful when I stumbled across a place called Neat Net Tricks, which reviews cool places to visit on the 'net.

Neat Net Tricks (NNT) is operated by a fellow named Jack Teems. The Neat Net Tricks web site and newsletter cater to new and intermediate Windows users who feel that computers and the Internet can still be fun without mucking around with the registry, BIOS, motherboard, and that sort of stuff. I think you'll understand what I mean when you see the Neat Net Tricks slogan which reads, "No Screwdriver Required."

Jack also hosts an online Q & A discussion board which is visited frequently by his readers. It's a great place to share computer related questions with other NNT subscribers:

I'm writing this issue of the Gazette to help pass on the word about Jack's web site. It's a wonderful resource and I think you would really enjoy it. If you're interested in checking out Neat Net Tricks, be sure to visit at:

You can subscribe to his free newsletter by sending a blank email to:

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