Add a Header to your MS Word 2007 Documents Easily

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It's very easy to add a simple header in Word 2007. Don't be intimidated by the sophisticated looking, complex headers that are included in this latest version of MS Word.

Follow the easy steps below to add your header:

  • In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab.    
  • Click Header under the Header Footer Group.    
  • Click Edit Header.

In the blank header area, you can add your name and page numbers or whatever information you desire.

Follow the steps below to accomplish this task:

  • Press CTRL + R.    
  • Type your name and press Enter.    
  • Type Page.    
  • Click the Insert tab.    
  • Click Page Number in the Header Footer Group.    
  • Click Current Position.    
  • Click Plain Number.    
  • Click the Close Header button.

Not to worry if you decide you would like different information in your header or you want to delete some information. Simply double-click in the header area and you can then edit the header.

Once your edits are finished, double-click outside the header area to continue working in the rest of the document.

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