'50 Free Internet Tools For Tin-Foil Hat Wearers', and 'You Mail'

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50 Free Internet Tools For Tin-Foil Hat Wearers

Threse 50 free internet tools for the especially paranoid prove security to the 'nth degree', meaning even the most neurotic users can visit the sites they want and never worry about attracting the attention of spyware of phishing fiends.


You Mail

This is voicemail you design. Get your cellular voicemail on your phone, in an email or online. Create different voicemail greetings for every caller. Choose how you handle your messages: by phone, email or text. Get specifics on every caller whether they've left a message or not.  One of the most handy programs out there for cell phone fanatics!


Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at Shell Extension City. Please note that the below software descriptions are provided solely from the developer and are absent from any guarantee or warranty. You are encouraged to review the Shell Extension Software Policy for more details.

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