Google's Mail Goggles Could Prevent Email Debacles

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"Mail Goggles" is now part of Google's free Gmail service. The feature is simple really, but could serve as an effective deterrent against very bad email-based decisions while in an 'altered state'. Just answer a few basic math questions in a specified period of time before sending out your email.

You shhhaid wha...?

After a grueling work week, you decide to accept an invitation from some friends to meet at a local bar for a beer. While reminiscing about the "good old days", you realize that one beer has become two, two beers have become four and in no time at all you have surpassed your limit for the night.

At home, your mind does a little reminiscing of its own and in your inebriated condition, memories that were better off repressed seem to become the most important thing in the world. You remember all of the good (or bad) times you had with an ex-significant other. You decide to pick up the phone, or jump on a computer and let that person know exactly how you feel about them at that very moment.

Whatever the method you use in sharing your feelings, there is only one foreseeable outcome: whatever you said or typed will surely be regretted in the morning!

Fortunately, Google is now staying up late to make sure that no regrettable words are ever said (or at least typed) while intoxicated. (Source:

Users activate "Mail Goggles" by clicking the "settings" link at the top of the Gmail page, then going into the "labs" section and following the steps from there. The Mail Goggles can be activated late at night on weekends, so as not to annoy you while in your sober state throughout the day. (Source:

Google has reminded Gmail users that there is no shame in asking for help ahead of time.

Still, if you cannot multiply 5x7 before sending out that late-night email, you will probably be thankful for the deterrent in the morning.

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