GM Starts Taking Orders for Revived Camaro

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The economy might be tanking but General Motors seems to think there are still those out there willing to fill up a big, big gas tank: the company has announced it will be accepting customer orders for its gutsy, gas-guzzling revived Chevy Camaro on Thursday, October 16, 2008.

Fans of the car will remember its long, low shell and deep, guttural roar. The original Camaro, first sold in 1966, became a popular competitor for Ford's Mustang and Pontiac's Firebird. Despite making its mark as a American muscle car mainstay, slow sales eventually led to the Camaro's demise (or so it seemed) in 2002. (Source:

Although we're pretty sure concerns about fuel economy had something to do with the big-engine sports car market's decline in the early 2000s, General Motors appears certain customers will shell out for a powerful vehicle, so long as it looks cool and sounds hot. They're not alone: Dodge recently released a revised version of its Challenger, too.

Marc Comeau, vice president of sales, service, and marketing north of the border is sure the car will sell. "Camaro enthusiasts are anxious to get their orders on the books," he said. "The return of the Camaro and the buzz it has created are great reminders of the passion surrounding this marque, and we're confident the new, fuel-efficient 2010 Camaro will make enthusiasts out of a whole new generation of drivers as well." (Source:

If the demand is there, and Comeau seems to believe it is, those customers who order early will get priority. Production will begin by next February in Oshawa, Ontario and dealerships are expected to receive their first orders right away. Options include massive 21-inch wheels, extended body kits ("ground effects"), and a special Hurst shifter.

Just a day after Apple announced it was releasing upgraded hardcore gamer editions of its notebook computer line instead of an expected trimmed-down cheaper version, GM too seems convinced there are still buyers out there for luxury items. Let's hope we don't one day remember this time as the "Swingin' '00s".

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