Complaints About New MacBooks Begin to Emerge

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As we reported a couple weeks ago, Apple has released a new line of Macs with significant upgrades over the previous model. However, not all of the additions (or omissions) are popular with users. Cnet recently published a number of user gripes, and they collectively reveal a lot about Apple's direction in the notebook market.

Given the fact that computers have taken on a "fanboy" quality in recent years (people tend to love everything by Microsoft and despise Apple, or vice versa), the expectation was that most user complaints -- and compliments -- would be fairly one-dimensional. Therefore, it was a surprise to see constructive criticism amongst the Cnet user community. (Source:

  • Complaint #1: No Firewire. The missing firewire feature hurts users hoping to perform video or audio editing duties, link up their camcorder directly, or employ the popular Target Disk mode. FireWire 400 has been nixed from both the MacBook and MacBook Pro designs.
  • Complaint #2: Too glossy. Sure, glossy is a nice effect -- in theory. However, a glossy screen can also make it hard to read a monitor if the lighting isn't optimal and too much lighting can cause brutal glare. Many Hewlett Packard notebook users have the same problem.
  • Complaint #3: Not enough USB ports.  Visitors to Ars Technica's boards complained that there simply weren't enough USB ports -- there are just two on the MacBook.

According to Cnet user reviewers, that about does it for major complaints -- and there's nothing there that will really prevent a diehard Apple fan from jumping on board. However, the decision to go with an exceptionally glossy monitor does indicate that Apple may have been more interested in style than substance.  Whether or not that means there will be problems with the new line down the road has yet to be revealed.

Thus far, most users appear generally satisfied with the new tech from Apple. FireWire, although useful, isn't necessary for the average MacBook consumer.  (Source:

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