Rearrange Existing Commands in MS Outlook

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I think that most users utilize a few commands in MS Outlook, but very few of us use all of them.

Wouldn't it make more sense to rearrange the commands on the Menu Bar or a toolbar to be more efficient? Well I certainly think so! You all know how I love to save time and keystrokes!

Follow the steps below to become more efficient:

  • Click on Tools | Customize.  
  • Click the Commands tab.  
  • Click Rearrange Commands.  
  • In the Rearrange Commands dialog box, select either the Menu Bar or the Toolbar option.  
  • Select the appropriate menu or toolbar.  
  • The Controls list box will display the commands, including submenus, as they appear from top to bottom of the menu.  
  • You can now add, delete or move a command up, down, left, or right. Clicking Add will position the new item above or to the left of the selected command.

Now you too, can be more efficient!

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