Applying Styles in MS Word 2007

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Styles will greatly improve the appearance and readability of your documents in MS Word. Employing the use of Styles will also make sure that your formatting is applied uniformly throughout your document.

This latest version of MS Word makes it easier than ever to apply styles to select parts of your documents.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  • On the Home tab of the Ribbon, you will see a group called Styles.

  • To preview a style, select a portion of your document and hover your mouse over one of the style buttons in the Style Group and you will be afforded a quick preview of that style in your document.  
  • If you like the style, simply click the Style button to apply it to your document.
  • Once you have decided on the styles for your document, you no longer need to use the buttons on the Ribbon. You can now simply press CTRL + Shift + S to open the Apply Styles menu.

The Apply Styles menu can be moved to any area of your Word screen. You can apply styles directly from the menu by selecting the text and then using the drop-down list in the Apply Styles menu to apply a style.

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