Use Your BlackBerry To Star In Your Own LIVE Reality Show

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While the concept would have been unimaginable twenty years ago, the ability to snap pictures and record videos using a mobile phone does little to amaze us in 2008.

So what makes shooting videos using the new Qik feature so different?

Qik lets you record videos from your mobile phone while others watch the content live and in real time over the Internet!

Qik has partnered with Research in Motion to allow the broadcast of live video feeds from select BlackBerry models that run operating system 4.5 or above. In other words, the BlackBerry Bold, Pearl 8120, and Pearl 8130 will soon be able to stream live video, while support for devices like the BlackBerry Curve and Flip are on the way. (Source:

Of course, the service does require a strong WiFi or 3G connection for a smooth video feed, though analysts believe that an increase in the amount of WiFi availability will reduce the number of potential problems in the future.

The service has already been used by a host of celebrities, ranging from live interviews with U2's Bono to "mass for the masses" with Pope Benedict XVI. While many will be discovering Qik's live video broadcasting feature for the first time, the technology is not exclusive to the BlackBerry alone. So far, the application has appeared on a number of Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones, "jailbroken" iPhones, as well as multiple Java 2 Micro Edition feature phones. (Source:

This means that Qik now supports the broadest range of platforms currently on the market. Still, Qik does face opposition in the form of Kyte and Fixwagon, two new services set to rival the leader in the near future.

While live video broadcasting is sure to be the most popular feature of the service, Qik representatives still believe that social networking is their "bread and butter". Analysts reported that more than 60% of videos from Qik are shared by users on other sites, like MySpace and Facebook. (Source:

That means that, if you own one of the BlackBerry models listed above, you can soon star in and record your own reality show live from your Facebook page.

Get ready for your close-up. Qik's mobile video feed goes live in just a few short months.

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