Sony Emulates Nintendo's Wii with New Controller

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It's a topic that has long been debated by video game aficionados all over the world: which features make for a better system: the pristine graphics of the Sony PlayStation 3 or the motion-sensitive game play of the Nintendo Wii? If Sony is successful in patenting their new controller concept, they just may be able to sway undecided consumers towards the PS3.

If you can't beat them, join them!

The idea will be to stray away from the traditional "Dual Shock" solid controller, opting instead to introduce a controller that resembles two ice-cream cones attached side-by-side. The controllers would be able to break-apart to maximize the look and feel of what is quickly becoming the next generation of game play control.

The cone-like controllers possess a removable button faceplate, topped with two bulb-shapes (or the "ice-cream" in the ice-cream cone imagery). Inside these bulbs are LEDs and ultrasonic sound emitters that add a "surround sound" feel to your video game experience. (Source:

Of course, there is always a catch. To create the Wii-like feel to the PS3, users will first need to purchase a PlayStation Eye, which is required to capture and determine the position of the controller in three-dimensional space.

Basically, it's what makes the PS3 act like the Wii.

But what do these controllers actually do?

We already know that the controller can be attached side-by-side to resemble a traditional video game controller. We also know that the controller can be broken apart to create two "nunchak" controllers. What I've yet to tell you is that the controller can even be broken apart and stacked on top of each other to create a weapon-like device (perfect for sword-wielding games). (Source:

If the patent passes, the new selling points of the PS3 would be crystal-clear graphics, motion-sensitive game play and only needing one set of detachable controllers to suit the game being played. This makes a huge difference in the long run for consumers who have grown tired of buying all of the extra attachment still being released by Nintendo.

Still, analysts are uncertain if consumers will be willing to pay the high initial cost needed to ensure the total PS3 experience: the console, PlayStation Eye and new detachable controller(s).

While many are unsure if the patent will come to pass, Sony is banking on the fact that a new controller with Wii-like capabilities will be just the thing needed to stay ahead of the "Big 3" video game pack.

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