Black Friday Slashes as Economy Tumbles

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Despite the economic slowdown, shoppers are expected to flock to stores for this year's Black Friday sales. And there are plenty of treats either confirmed or rumored for technology fans.

Black Friday, which takes place on November 28th this year, is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It marks the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season and many retailers drop prices to attract customers.

The biggest story this year for tech lovers are widespread rumors Apple may be offering intense price cuts for a one-day sale. There's already speculation that some Macs could be reduced by at least $100, with iPods also on special offer. Meanwhile a confirmed holiday season price of 33% for the iPhone in France has prompted some predictions of a temporary cut in the US price, given that it usually retails with a comparatively high profit margin. (Source:

Netbooks, slimmed-down laptops designed mainly for using the Internet, may be another Black Friday bargain. Dell is selling its entry level model for $299, while Wal-Mart goes one better by offering Compaq machines for $298. It's worth remembering stock may be very limited, with the pricing pitched to draw customers into stores. (Source:

Given the price reductions, Black Friday would seem a strange day to launch a new product, but that's what Sony Ericsson is doing. Its feature-packed Experia phone, which doubles as a Windows Mobile computer, will retail at $799, though those who don't want to brave the crowds can pre-order online.

Video game lovers may be tempted by Dell's offer of an Xbox 360 that includes Rock Band 2 free of charge. However, it's worth noting that it's the standard Xbox 360 (with no hard drive) and you only get the Rock Band 2 disc itself so, unless you already play the original version, you'll have to buy the instruments separately.

Rumors also have it that Infopackets may have deal or two to offer its Readers during this festive weekend -- and you'll definitely won't want to miss it. Stay tuned! ;-)

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