Letters to Santa become Tweetmas Blogs

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To most adults, the thought of sitting down with a pad of paper and penning a message to the North Pole is a bit childish. However, a number of social networking sites are now offering holiday-themed applications that allow "bigger kids" to record their hopes, dreams and desires this season. The application for Twitter is known as Tweetmas.

For those still unfamiliar with Twitter, it is basically a free social networking online destination that allows users to send and read the updates of others. The site allows posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Tweetmas was developed by London-based Crowdstorm, for the purpose of drawing fresh faces to the Twitter website. The hope was that many would be enticed to create new user accounts and participate in a time-honored practice long forgotten with age.

While not as intimate and personal as a hand-written letter to Santa, posting messages online is seen as essential practice in 2008. If a friend or relative reads your Tweetmas blog, it gives them great gift ideas without having to ask you. (Source: mashable.com)

Of course, posting your hopes and dreams for the world to see may leave you susceptible to some ridicule. Many have already used Tweetmas to express their desire for anything from finding a cure for their insomnia to magical fat pills that keep holiday goodies from making their way to our waistlines.

If you already have an account with Twitter, simply post your wish like a normal message with the command @tweetmas. The request will then appear on the Tweetmas website for the world to enjoy. (Source: nytimes.com)

While we're not 100% sure that Santa has a Twitter account just yet, we are certain that your wish will not go unnoticed this Tweetmas.

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