BP Gas Station to offer Free Internet Access

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BP gas stations are making vast improvements to its locations all across North America in an attempt to transform the company into a recognizable "one-stop shop" for travelers. For the modern patron, this means getting WiFi access free of charge.

Of course, BP does have a hidden agenda when offering free Internet service: entice people to stay for longer periods of time in the hopes of checking out the other services the station has to offer. Over 90% of all BP locations will be given major upgrades in the service department, including on-site restaurants, video arcades and a well-stocked convenience store. (Source: usatoday.com)

WiFi providers in some locations charge a set price for hourly usage. For the consumer, this marks a tremendous waste of money if the service is required for only a few short minutes.

BP hopes that people will stop to use the Internet access free of charge for a short period of time and fill-up their tanks and stomachs all in one location.

Travelers (and local businesses looking to make a few extra bucks) will be happy to find online advertisements suggesting places to visit and activities to enjoy while in the area. BP owners can also use these advertisements to suggest in-store sale items, DVDs and snacks. (Source: nytimes.com)

One potential problem, of course, is attracting deadbeats who sit around surfing all day without spending a dime.

BP representatives remain unfazed at this potential situation.

One of the reasons for this may be because attracting these types of people (at least in the short-run) could prove to have a positive effect on the nature of the service. When travelers come into a BP gas station and see others already using the free WiFi service, the uncomfortable vibe associated with sitting around and surfing the Internet in a gas station will soon be alleviated.

Will the trend catch on? Only time will tell.

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