Sony Unveils Petite but Pricey 'Lifestyle PC'

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Sony has finally unveiled its first netbook just in time for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. About the same size as your average bottle of Coca-cola , it's tiny, slim, and surprisingly expensive.

As expected, smaller, cheaper, and portable laptops -- otherwise known as 'netbooks' -- have stolen the spotlight from glitzy televisions and Blu-ray players at the 2009 CES. However, Sony's Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC is breaking the mould, at least in part.

Though it's definitely small (no longer than a mousepad and about as thin as your everyday cell phone), the size of the Vaio P Series will cost you. According to reports, the Vaio P will retail for as much as $900: triple the price of other netbooks from Acer, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard. (Source:

So, why the hefty price?

Aside from the fact that it's much smaller (8 inches) than the already slim 'n sleek competition, the Vaio P Lifestyle (weighing in at just 1.4 pounds) includes a more dazzling LED backlit display (for more vivid colors than the average LCD monitor), a display resolution of 1600x768, built-in support for 3G broadband, and 802.11n WiFi/Bluetooth support.

The Vaio P Lifestyle even includes a Global Positioning System (GPS) for finding your way through traffic in a new city. There's also a webcam for enjoying those extra-personal conversations with web hubbies across the world.

Like a number of available netbooks, the Vaio P Lifestyle is powered by the Intel Atom processor, which has proven fast and reliable enough for the aforementioned competitors. The Vaio P also packs about 2 gigs of memory and a respectable 60GB hard drive (although for a bit more users can opt for a 128GB solid-state drive). It will certainly need that power, given that Sony plans to include Windows Vista on this tiny netbook. (Source:

Although the netbook market seems to be rising in popularity precisely because it offers the basic tools for mobile computing at a reasonable, sub-$500 price, Sony is evidently hoping that Americans are secure enough in their jobs that they might actually purchase a netbook that isn't much cheaper than a full-sized laptop or powerful (though bulky) desktop.

At nearly a thousand bucks, you might consider Sony's feather-weight Vaio P Lifestyle: the Lotus Elise of the netbook market.

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