Yahoo Connect TV: More Details Unveiled

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Yahoo has unveiled more details about its plan to bring Internet content to television sets. It will be available through several leading makes of TV and will include features from popular services such as YouTube and Twitter.

As part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Yahoo announced it has made agreements with Sony, Samsung, LG and Vizio to include the feature on some of their high-definition TV models. The service, dubbed Yahoo Connect, will involve a small Linux-based computer being built into the TV set. This will make several Yahoo functions, such as a news feed and weather forecasts, available to view in a special bar positioned across the bottom of the TV picture (think CNN Headline News).

However, what makes the system really interesting is that third-party sites will be able to offer add-on features in much the same way as Apple has done with the iPhone. These features will be accessible and installable through a link on the TV sets themselves with no need to run a separate computer. (Source:

In some cases these features will simply be a way to use an Internet site without leaving the living room armchair. For example, it will be possible to shop on eBay or view videos from YouTube.

However, it's expected that other applications will be specifically designed with TV viewers in mind. For example, a social networking tool based around updates, such as Twitter, could be used to discuss an ongoing show with online friends.

Some of the other sites confirmed for the service include Flickr, the New York Times, and USA Today. There will also be a CBS Sports feature for the network's fantasy football league, allowing users to keep track of scores and stats while watching live games. (

The financial details of the scheme are still hazy and it's not yet clear if Yahoo will receive any cash from TV manufacturers for using the technology.

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