CES Boasts 3D, Not HD, is the Future of TV

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Three-dimensional (3D) viewing may just be the wave of the future in television!

Don't believe it? Well, the technology on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) suggests there's little room left for viable innovation in the field of high-definition sets.

The industry trade fair in Las Vegas is an annual event that's theoretically a forum for manufacturers to discuss industry issues and trends. That does happen, but for most companies it's more of a chance to show off the latest inventions in home entertainment. Previous shows have seen the first public appearances of devices including the DVD, CD and even VHS players.

Televisions were the major attractions for many exhibitors this year. Several major firms demonstrated TVs with 3D picture, some of them even working without the viewer having to wear special glasses.

Of course, such devices require specially-made video footage to watch and for the foreseeable future that's more likely to be on special DVDs than regular TV broadcasts. However, Disney and Dreamworks have both said they'll make 3D movies, and Star Wars fans can look forward to yet another new edition of the movie. (Source: bbc.co.uk)

Other TV technology on display included a Yahoo service that allows websites to offer specially modified content which appears as part of the TV picture on compatible sets. LG demonstrated an Internet-connected television that allows viewers to watch on-demand movies from Netflix without a separate box.

Finally, Toshiba unveiled a feature which is remarkably low-tech, but solves an age-old problem. The 'Dolby Volume' system, adapted from both surround sound systems and MP3 players, minimizes sudden changes in volume. This both cuts down the issue of commercials being louder than programs, and allows late-night viewing of action movies without worrying about gunfire and explosions waking neighbors. (latimes.com)

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