Programming Hiatus

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With the main web server upgrade finally complete, I have decided to up the ante by implementing a new 'control panel' which revolutionizes the way that users interact with our newsletter and web site content.

In a nutshell, the new layout will allow Readers to post comments after each newsletter article, jump to relevant topics, download complete issues via email, search past issues, and much more. This change comes after announcing last week that our newsletter will soon be available via RSS news feeds.

Other changes

I also plan to re-write the newsletter delivery program so that email version of our newsletter will be available in HTML or text, and also allow users to choose how often the newsletter is received (a weekly digest versus 3 times a week).

For the next week or two (or more?), I will be focusing on this transformation. This is a *major* overhaul and will require significant programming effort on my behalf. I have therefore decided to postpone writing new articles until the project is complete. To ensure that I don't lose touch with Readers, I will send out 'best of' (previously-written) Gazette newsletters for your enjoyment.

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