Print a Calendar in MS Outlook

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One of the things you can do in Microsoft Outlook is print a blank calendar. This can be useful for taking notes in a meeting or other office functions. Personally, I print a blank calendar each month for my students so they can keep track of what they have going on for the month.

You can quickly print a blank calendar in Outlook using the steps below:

  • Within Outlook, click the File menu, point to New, and click Folder.  
  • Type in a name for the folder.  
  • Click Calendar Items from the Folder contains list.  
  • Click Calendar under Select where to place the folder.  
  • Click OK.  
  • Highlight your new folder from the Folder list.  
  • From the File menu, click Print.  
  • Under the Print Style, select the type of calendar you want to print.  
  • Select the start and end date under the Print range.  
  • Click OK.

Now you can print out your calendars too!

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