Freeware greeting card program?, Part 2

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Recall --

Last week, Infopackets Reader Jenny C. asked if I knew of a freeware greeting card program. She wrote:

" I am wondering if you could help me: I have been trying to find a small (and hopefully free) software program to create ordinary greeting cards -- one that I can put my own pictures or clipart on, write my own verse, and mail it (via snail mail) to friends. I used to use a greeting card program that came pre-packaged with my computer, but the program has expired and I can no longer use it. I would love to make my own greeting cards and I am sure other subscribers would too. Any ideas? "

I didn't have any freebee suggestions off hand, so I asked Readers for their picks. Die Hard Infopackets Reader 'Gail from Houston' writes:

" I don't know of any freeware greeting cards to use but you can use Microsoft Word, free clipart, and heavy card stock (for printing pictures on your printer) to construct a card. I'm a cheapo too, right now, especially since I'm in grad school and can't afford any extras. Here's how I've printed a card:

First, use plain paper where the artwork and type would go by folding an 8x10 sheet in half and in half again (make it look like a card). Following that, place the picture in the bottom right corner; in the top left corner (upside down), place the inside type. Use the Word rulers to measure off where to precisely place the picture, print it off, then put the paper in upside down for the inside type. My only complaint is that it isn't as large as I think it should be but, heck, you can always buy larger card stock. You can also use larger plain paper (the 14-inch length) and print your card. Also, you can print a card in any shape; it doesn't even have to be folded. "

Ellen F. and a few other Readers suggested FreeCard from From the web site:

" FreeCard lets you create electronic greeting cards with graphics or video, text, music and sound to send with e-mail or on diskettes. Greeting cards are made into Windows executable files and they expand, play, and clean up automatically on target PCs. A Watermarking utility is included for embedding identifying and linking information to your graphics and video materials. "

Carol X. and a few others recommended

" In response to Jenny C., provides many links which allow you to print free greeting cards. I've enjoyed using the site very much, and I think your Readers will, too. From the web site: ' provides many useful items which allow you to print for only the cost of paper and ink. Just use the print commands in your web browser to make your copy of our Free Greeting cards, Calendars, Signs, and Pictures. You can also save our Pictures, Signs, Birthday cards, and calendars for use in your own printing projects.' "

Infopackets Reader Pooja writes:

" If you already have Microsoft Word, try the free Avery Wizard software with the built in templates. You can download a score of additional pre-designed templates for free. Avery Wizard is 5 MB in size, while the Templates vary in size. You can also try the Ulead Photo Explorer -- it offers greeting card creation options. "

Bill X. suggested that Jenny C. try's search engine:

" Go to and click on downloads. In their search engine, type in 'greeting cards', and click the search button. There will be a list of several different programs that you can read through. It has a description of what the program will do, the size of the file, plus if it is a freeware program or if there is a cost. The biggest obstacle Jenny may encounter is the clipart or picture copyrights. "

Hank S. recommended

" There is a freeware program called 'Just Right Click' that lets you make greeting cards using your own pics and put anything you want inside the card. I have used it for about 2 years and I love it! From the web site: 'This internet explorer and opera plug-in makes it a one click process to save important text from a web site and into one of your scrapbooks. You can have as many scrapbooks as you want and it takes the hassle out of having to fumble around with copying and pasting into notepad every time you want to save a snippet of text on a website.' "

And, Lori O. suggested

" Jenny can try She can use her own photos, write messages, and print them. She can also try and search for 'free printable greeting cards'. She will find a huge variety of websites to choose from. I hope this is helpful. Keep up the good work -- I really enjoy your newsletter. From the MyCardMaker web site: 'Create Choose a design from our gallery, or make cards with your photos. It's the perfect way to share personalized greetings for holidays, a birthday or any day!' "

Richard X. praised

" Jenny could try, where she will find no less than 5 wonderful programs freely available for download. They will surely meet all her requirements. They are earlier versions of Serif's well respected DTP, design and graphical manipulation programs, which Serif offer free to tempt you to try their latest updated versions. I believe that if you register these freebies with Serif, they will even discount the upgrade price. "

And finally, Terry H. provided the link to

" A free and useful web site is called, and will do all the basic jobs for free. The program is only 889 KB. "

Thanks to all who wrote in with their suggestions!

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