Microsoft Recite Provides New Spin on Voice Recognition

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Microsoft is set to release a new application for mobile phones that run Windows Mobile 6.0 and higher. The free application is called Microsoft Recite and, as an added bonus, Microsoft is granting some of their users early access to fiddle around with it before the official launch date.

Recite allows users to speak into their mobile phones and record any message they wish to retrieve later. All a person has to do is press the "remember" button, record their thoughts and later retrieve their messages by pressing the "search" button and saying just a couple of keywords. (Source:

Although it sounds pretty basic, Recite is actually the latest in voice pattern recognition. The small application is able to correlate the patterns in speech to determine exact matches between the voice spoken in "remember" and the voice spoken in "search".

Control Search Accuracy With Spoken Words

Sound a bit complicated? It's actually pretty neat.

Say, for instance, you press the "remember" button and record the phrase "My turtle Joker eats pellets". After a few minutes, you press the "remember" button again and record the phrase "My turtle Joker has a brown shell".

Later, you press the "search" button and say "Joker". Both pre-recorded phrases will appear for your selection. Press the "search" button once more, say "pellets" and only the first pre-recorded phrase appears. (Source:

The entire concept is much different than previous speech recognition systems that convert spoken words to application-readable input.

Those who have tested the application say that the results generated are pretty accurate. Many have used Recite to record anything from shopping lists to birthday reminders, but it also works great in situations where writing down important messages is nearly impossible (like while driving).

Recite also lets users retrieve their messages in multiple languages.

While not the most essential tool to ever be invented, coming out with a number of these small-but-useful applications could help Microsoft entice people to look for mobile phones that feature the latest version of Windows Mobile.

Look for the full version of Microsoft Recite to be available sometime in the near future.

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