Shaded Dates in MS Outlook 2007

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A reader recently wrote and inquired: "Why does my calendar look like a patchwork quilt with different colors? I know it is most likely related to color categories on appointments, but why are only some of the dates shaded when I use color categories on all of the appointments?"

My Reply:

  • When you add a color category to a timed appointment, the background of the appointment is shaded in Day/Week/Month view.
  • When you add a color category to an all day event, the entire day may or may not be shaded. What you select in the Show time as field will control the coloring.
  • When set to Busy, the entire day is shaded the category color. If it is a tentative event, the day is shown with category-colored crosshatching.

Events marked busy will always be purple, while Free time is not colored.

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