Sleep Machine Masks Night Noise with Nature Sounds

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Adaptive Sound Technologies (AST) has now released a new tabletop device that induces sleep through the soothing sounds of nature. Dubbed 'Ecotones,' it measures sleeping patterns in terms of how long it takes a person to fall asleep, how often a person tosses and turns at night, and similar.

The Sleep Machine That Never Sleeps

What sets Ecotones apart from the dozens of similar products on the market is its responsiveness to disturbing noises and its ability to camouflage them without missing a beat.

If a person sets their Ecotones to thunderstorms, for example, the pitter-patter of raindrops and light rolling thunder fills the bedroom and remains that way until morning. But if the pet cat knocks over a vase at four o'clock in the morning, Ecotones is able to "hear" the noise and within a tenth of a second, masks the disturbance with louder thunder claps and heavier rainfall.

Ecotones has a number of nature sound selections to choose from, including ocean waves, babbling brooks and crackling fires. The device is designed to trick the ear into hearing something pleasant at all times. (Source:

While Adaptive Sound Technologies cannot guarantee that their product will never wake up its owner when a sudden loud noise occurs (the machine hears the sound at the same time its owner does, after all) the device does hope to at least minimize the amount of time it takes a person to fall back asleep after a disturbance.

Sounds of Nature Recommended over Silence

Analysts believe that introducing soothing background noises into the evening ritual is paramount in ensuring a good night sleep. For light sleepers and those who have trouble falling asleep in the first place, nature-based sounds ease the transition into dreamland, whereas total silence would lead to these same people focusing more intently on smaller bedroom noises, keeping them awake for longer periods of time.

While their product is designed to be used as an assistive sleep unit, AST has reported that only about 90 percent of their customers purchase Ecotones for the bedroom. The other 10 percent are using the device to block out office, street and other household noises during the day. (Source:

Ecotones is available online for purchase at or It sells for about $299.99 USD.

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